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Janelle Monae @ Manchester Academy, 10th September 2018

Janelle Monae @ Manchester Academy, 10th September 2018

I travelled up to Manchester to see Janelle Monae last night (no warm up band just 1hour 1/2 of the main act). Sorry I didn’t get to sketch all her amazing musicians, her set up of outfits and dancers kept changing so it was difficult to keep up! The show had an incredible atmosphere with fans dancing around, it was wonderful. I love how she talks and interacts with her audience throughout.

flyer 05.jpg

I’m actually compiling a Janelle Monae Fanzine at the moment. It’s open to writers/artists but the extended deadline is coming up this Sunday. If you’d like your work included please send ready to print files because the zine is scheduled to launch at the Bristol Comic & Zine Fair in early October. I don’t mind if you send something you drew earlier in the year! Just so long as it meets the file size requirements as anything too small won’t be able to be printed. More info and FAQ at Thank you!

Haim and Maggie Rogers at O2 Apollo, Manchester, 11th June 2018

Haim and Maggie Rogers at O2 Apollo, Manchester, 11th June 2018

Hey! Sorry for the delay scanning gig sketches this week. I was away at the beginning of the week and then in the process of replacing a new laptop so it took a little bit of time to install software and scanners and things but everything is ready to go!

My sister wanted to sit in the circle to watch Haim so I had to adapt to faster gesture drawing rather than working slower trying to pin down a likeness (we were just too far from the stage to see details)

I’ve been given a table through the waiting list for Glasgow Comic Con on 30th June! I had an amazing time there last year so I’m really looking forward to it! The return of Birmingham Zine Festival is on Sunday 1st July so I’ve booked the overnight coach so not to miss out!