Sammy Borras is a illustration degree graduate from Coventry who specialises in making comics.


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Autumn Convention Season 2018!

Photos from High Vis Festival 2018

Photos from Thought Bubble 2018


Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table at both High Vis Festival and Thought Bubble this year! I enjoyed decorating my table up with tent making bats!

The next show will be Bristol Comic & Zine Fair! The files are ready for the Janelle Monae Fanzine I’ve been compiling and I’m just waiting to hear back from the printers. For more information on events please visit the events section of this site. Please don’t forget all the comics and zines I take to shows are available to order through my Etsy shop.

Small Press Day and New Sticker Designs

On Saturday I had a chilled out Small Press Day visiting Solid Gone Art Fair and then spent the afternoon at Nostalgia & Comics. Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table.

I get a couple weeks off from events and the next show will be Manchester MCM Comic Con on 28th-29th July 2018. I'll have a full table and will be offering ink convention commissions (please come by early if you would like to take it home on the same day). There will be a brand new free mini comic to hand out!


I had some new sticker designs arrive in the post this week! The characters are from a project I've been developing about a paranormal riot grrrl band called Go Eat Worms. The invisible ghost guitarist has been printed on transparent stock and the mantis shrimp woman is holographic. They are available to order through my Etsy shop.

New Etsy Listings!

Hi! I added new stock to my Etsy shop this week! International shipping availble!


Janelle Monae Print (listing)

4 colour risograph Janelle Monae portrait printed by Rope Press. I'm really pleased with how the colours layered on her transparent jacket.


UK: £1.50
Europe: £5
International: £7

Go Eat Worms Guitar Plectrums

Designs based on characters from a comic I'm developing called Go Eat Worms, about a paranormal riot grrrl band touring otherworldly venues. Printed by My Badges and Awesome Merchandise.

  • Thin 0.46mm cloudy transparent plectrum with silver ink (listing)
  • Medium 0.71mm hot pink heart shaped plectrum with black ink (listing)
  • Heavy 0.96mm glow in the dark plectrum with black ink (listing)

50p (each)

UK: £1
Europe: £2
International: £3.50

New guitar plectrums featuring cute Honduran Tent Making Bats

I designed some new plectrums featuring a character from one of my comics. Geenie is the lead singer of a riot grrrl band, she is also a vampire who can turn into a white Honduran Tent Making Bat.

The plectrums are now available to order online through my Etsy shop.

I'll also be taking them to London MCM Comic Con at the end of May. You'll be able to find my table in the Comic Village section of the show. I'll post about my table number when the show publishes their guide!  

If you're not around for MCM (or you're reading this after the show happened) please check the events section of my website for an up to date list of comic cons, zine fairs and events I'll be attending.